Complete Book Test – Paul Romhany


Complete Book Test – Paul Romhany

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Over the years Paul has themed his mentalism show, and humor workshops around this presentation. By adding humor in his mentalism show he is able to give personality readings, as well as adapt it to mentalism routines. The original book not only teaches you the techniques of giving readings, it also has some special features that will allow you to do a full twelve minute book test routine.

The following routines that can be performed with this book test:

1) The Forced Words

2) Between The Lines – Paul has taken Anneman’s basic routine and built in to the original personality book a special Drawing Duplication routine.

3) The Crib – using the joke book you have a built in crib used in conjunction with the original Personality book.

4) Stand Up Book Test – Paul’s favorite routine involving five members of the audience and the book.

5) Two Person Routine – A great prediction routine using a husband and wife who think they know each other’s laughter personality

6) Other ideas using the personality theme for mentalism performances.

BONUS – Andrew Gerard’s Book Test Prediction routine using these books – a fantastic and original presentation which is a great closer to any show.


? How To Tell Anybody’s Personality By The Way They Laugh and Speak This is an actual REAL BOOK written by Paul Romhany and Ken Ring.

Twelve years ago Paul Romhany and Ken Ring started work on giving personality readings by the way people laugh and speak. Their research, and work in this field has lead to the publication of “How To Tell Anybody’s Personality By They Way They Laugh And Speak.”

This book opens up new doors for every mentalist and magician who wants to include a fresh approach to giving personality readings. The book dissects the various types of laughter and speech patterns, and how to give readings.

Romhany now themes his entire one man mentalism show around people’s laughter and speech patterns, and for the first time the COMPLETE package is available to the magic fraternity. You will learn how to incorporate this in your act as well as give readings on people’s laughter and speech.

This book also contains some secret gimmicks that will enable you to do part of the 12 minute book test act. 224 pages

? Laughter in the Workplace Joke Book A gimmick book that works in conjunction with the Personality book, and enables several different routines. 333 pages

? Instruction book


“At last a book test that actually gives a reason for doing a book test – a killer routine and the Personality book is fantastic. It opens up new doors for performing mentalism routines.”

-TC Tahoe

“Finally somebody has updated cold-reading to something that is ultra-modern and a lot of fun …”

Chris Cox – UK Mentalist

“I am very pleased and impressed with the quality and professional look of these books –then again, over the years I have come to expect no less from all Paul Romhany products. I look forward to putting these materials to good use and ultimately, plan to integrate them into my humor workshop seminars.”

Jonathan Levey – Montreal Canada

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