Dream Prediction Lite (Book, DVD, Props)-Paul Romhany


Dream Prediction Lite (Book, DVD, Props)-Paul Romhany

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Paul Romhany’s top
selling one-person prediction routine just got better. The original
Dream Prediction was one of the Top Selling Products for 2007, and now
Dream Prediction Lite offers the same effect as the original, but more
portable for most working conditions.

Dream Prediction Lite is
the ideal prediction routine with no need for offstage assistants. With
Dream Prediction Lite, Paul has included a few new subtleties that
really help sell the effect actually making it stronger than the

Here is an example of one routine:

magician talks about his dream holiday and tells the audience that he
wrote it down on a large piece of paper and sealed it inside an envelope
which can be seen at all times. The audience can see the prediction
through the envelope at all times.

A spectator is asked to call
out the name of a cruise ship they would like to travel on, the
performer writes the answer down on a Clipboard for verification later

Another spectator is asked to call out a destination they would like to visit, again it is written down on the clipboard.

third spectator is asked to count the change in their pocket and the
amount is again written down on the clipboard. This spectator comes on
stage to verify each of the items called out. The envelope is shown and
opened, the audience can see the prediction fall out of the envelope and
the spectator reads the prediction which matches EXACTLY what the
audience chose.

This is an extremely adaptable routine, as you
can use any presentation you like, such as a “Dream Date,” a “Dream
Car,” or a “Menu” type routine in a restaurant. You are limited only by
your imagination.

Everything in this routine is worked out
through hundreds of performances, making it very easy to perform, giving
you time to concentrate on your own presentation. If you have always
wanted a mentalism routine that will play big and not have to worry
about offstage help then this routine is for you.


  • Gimmick
    Envelopes that are smaller in size than the original making this more
    adaptable plus enabling you to perform Paul’s NEW way of loading the
    gimmick and enabling you to show BOTH SIDES of the envelope prior to the
    prediction falling out.

  • “The
    routine is excellently conceived and worked out. I have absolutely no
    doubt that I will use this successfully for many years. Thanks for
    making this available and whilst my initial reaction was that the cost
    was high, I feel it justified as it is way too good for the merely
    – Nicholas Einhorn, Canada

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