Infinity Ring-Will Tsai & SansMinds


Infinity Ring-Will Tsai & SansMinds

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The Infinity Ring has arrived from Will Tsai’s Jewelry Magic
Series! When a piece of jewelry is specially manufactured in Japan with
Swarovski diamonds, you know this is going to be a must-have elegant

In the middle of your conversation you are asked to
demonstrate something interesting but you do not want to bring out your
deck of card and other stereotypical ‘tools’ of a magician. Instead you
decided to demonstrate the power of belief to your clients using your
necklace… Both the diamond pendant and the necklace are separated for
the clients to handle AND held by the spectator at all time. Yes, you do
not touch them at all throughout the entire effect!

You patter
about how impossibilities can be overcome with the power of mind. If one
can believe oneself and insist on believing until the very last moment,
everything in life will eventually fall into place when the time comes.

In an blink of an eye, the pendant links into the necklace in
midair from the spectator’s very hand. With some basic skill of cold
reading, we guarantee this can be one of the best investments for a
serious performer in life. What does a tasteful prop, meaningful
presentation, and opportunities for you to really know and get close to
your VIP clients worth? Priceless!

A twist from the classic
brass ring and rope trick, but so much better! It comes with a special
designed piece of jewelry, but it doesn’t just stop there! The package
comes with complete instructions and not just the method, also the
psychology behind the handling, advance handling, complete hands-off
presentation, etc. EVERYTHING that made this effect one of Will Tsai’s
signature pieces for his VIP clients is here and nothing is left out.

Everything is examinable and happens from spectators’ own hands.

Infinity is designed into specific weight and material to not only
allow the effect to happen with no effort, it will serve you as a piece
of jewelry that builds your business and lasts you a lifetime.

The Infinity Ring comes with a three-year warranty.

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Weight 7 oz


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