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Chinese Sticks 14″ – Red


Chinese Sticks 14″ – Red

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This is one of the classic effects of magic, as popular and effective today as it was hundreds of years ago when it was first created. We supply you a quality outfit, in a large 14″ size, suitable for a large audience. Models are available in Red, or a simulated Wood Finish.

Effect: >BR>
The magician displays a pair of sticks, with a cord apparently running through them. When the cord is pulled at one end, the opposite end is pulled in, and vice-versa.

the audience is obviously unimpressed, till the two sticks are separated at the top, to show there is no connection between them. Again as you pull one end of the cord, the other end is pulled in, and so on. The audience will soon tell you that the cords pass through the bottom of the sticks, where they are held together. Once again the sticks are separated at the bottom, and you show them both separately, with no connections between them of any sort.

In spite of this, the cords behave as one continuous length of string, with one end receding as the other end is pulled out. This is a first rate childrens item with excellent comedy potential.

Enjoy this video of one of the best Chinese Stick routines by Roy Benson. To do this routine, you will need two sets of Chinese Sticks

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