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Man In The Moon – Leslie

Man In The Moon – Leslie

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One of the best sucker tricks ever made. Jay Leslie’s Man In The Moon, (made in plastic) is a visual masterpiece.

So simple yet so powerful. The moon is removed from the planetary system (a saturn looking holder) and placed in the rain cloud box. The door is shut and the box is tilted. When the door is opened the moon has vanished. No matter how many times the audience yells for you to “Open the other door” they can not see the moon because it apparently rolls behind the door that’s closed. Finally, both doors are swung open and the moon has vanished. The magician then opens the planetary system and the moon reappears.

Patter: If I tell you a secret, can you keep it? Ok. Here is the moon. When it’s light outside the moon hides on the other side of the earth with the other planets, like saturn. You know what they say? Behind every cloud is s silver lining. You know who they are? Turn around. They are the old people sitting behind you! Do you know what it means…Behind every cloud? That means that there is always another chance to get it right.

Right now I’m going to make the moon disappear from the clouds and go back to the sky by magic. (The cloud box is tilted and finally shown empty) So tonight kids, get your parents to take you for a ride in your saturn and look for the moon in the sky.

Made from colorful plastic with a modern “Layered Look”.

Easy to do. Many people use Man In The Moon as their finally in their stand up show.

Packs a punch. How can one object be in two places at the same time?

Easy to reset.

CNC & hand tooled, assembled by hand.

No knobs a (knobs scratch other props in transport). Jay created door handles from the designs.

If you like snappy magic that looks new this is the trick for you & it packs flat. And by the way, if Jay can wear that moon on his head you know this trick’s got to be good.

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