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The Shakespeare Experiment (Complete Works of William Shakespeare Book)-Miracle Factory


The Shakespeare Experiment (Complete Works of William Shakespeare Book)-Miracle Factory

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Perhaps the finest mind reading book effect ever printed.

It’s the ultimate luxury in mentalism.

book test with The Complete Works of Shakespeare, you say? Verily.
Instead of being Much Ado About Nothing, here is an approach which
demands the performer use a book – and what a book it is. It seems
carefully prepared so as not to be the Comedy of Errors that so many
recent book tests have turned out to be. Measure for Measure, this is
one of the cleverest and most useful tests of late. They say that “All’s
Well That Ends Well,” and if that is true, the routine for which the
book was designed is all well indeed. If you are looking for a beautiful
object, a powerful effect and a “novel” method, you will find this very
special book to be As You Like It.” – Max Maven

“This is staggering, just staggering.” – Levent

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Lavish quality for the collector, designed for the professional
Looks like a genuine Complete Works of William Shakespeare
…but it’s gaffed to the hilt!

Impressive 800 pages
Luxurious leather binding with gold foil stamping
Lavish production with gilt-edged, satin-finish paper, and distinctive ribbon bookmark
Tipped-in color frontispiece
Over forty beautiful Gustave Dor? engravings
Deluxe endpapers
Individually numbered

Diabolically gimmicked but looks totally normal
No forces, no fishing, no guiding to “the longest word,” no spelling-bee anagrams
No gimmicks, breaks, or glimpses
No additional props needed
No guessing or asking the first letter of the word
You don’t ever have to touch the book!
Instantly repeatable
Different plays, pages, and text throughout the book
Easy to perform!
Powerful effects incorporated into not only the plays but also the Sonnets, glossary, and illustrations
Instant reading of several words or a complete passage anywhere the book is opened
Built-in words for comedy, romantic, or dramatic presentations
Actual Shakespearean text from classics like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet
Several methods incorporated so they can be combined for deceptive routining
Bonus secret Elizabethan Dirty Words feature
Final pages include The Trick Glossary, a gimmicked Shakespearean lexicon

Shakespeare Experiment is possibly the most elegant book test ever
created, and so cleverly gimmicked, they’ll think the Bard’s ghost is
helping you!
Anywhere the spectator opens the book, you immediately
divine several different words from various locations the volunteer
chooses, and you can even recite a complete Shakespearean passage!
volunteer can then pass the book around and you can instantly give
readings for different words on pages other spectators turn to!
Shakespeare Experiment combines several distinctly clever methods, so
the spectators won’t be able to follow your technique. And yes, the text
is different from page to page.
Designed for the professional
entertainer, this amazing book lets you completely customize your
presentation with specific words for comedy, romantic, or dramatic
styles. The plays, Sonnets, glossary, and even the illustrations have
all been gimmicked to allow you to perform several distinct effects.
And if you’re daring enough for the right audience, you’ll love the secret Elizabethan Dirty Words feature.
easy to learn and perform, with none of the usual obvious methods: no
forces, fishing, anagrams, gimmicks, or guiding to the longest word on a
page or line.
The book is elegantly bound in leather with gold-foil
stamping and golden gilt-edged pages, and comes to you complete with
The Shakespeare Experiment instruction manual and optional performance

Pages 816 – Hardbound

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