Shinanigens-Shin Lim (Two Disc Set)


Shinanigens-Shin Lim (Two Disc Set)

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Prepare yourself to
delve deep into the realm of visual sleight of hand magic. With 27
impromptu tricks and over 3 and 1b>this is one of
the most visual and cleanest card productions ever seen. With just a
mere spring of the deck, the selected signed card shoots out of the
center of the deck. No strings, no magnets, nothing. Completely
impromptu and insanely clean. Transfusion – Two cards are selected. One
is placed in the center of the deck and one is placed on top. Both cards
face up, so the audience sees everything. Everything is fair. But then,
with just a wave of the hand, both cards change places in the cleanest
manner possible. No angles to worry about. No tough sleight of hand.
After watching the performance you will want to perform this every
chance you get.


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